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"Bridging the Gap "from Christ to the Community"
The name Rehoboth means enlargement. It is taken from the Holy Bible in Genesis 26:22 where Isaac declares, “God has made room for us and we shall be fruitful in the land.” Here at Rehoboth we believe that God has made room for you and He desires you to be fruitful. Let us together Know God, Trust God and Allow God to meet our deepest needs believing that The Best Is Yet To Come!


The Rehoboth Seal captures the two sided meaning of our vision which is taken from the scripture Matthew 5:14-16. Our vision statement of bridging the gap means doing the work of God. The first part of our vision statement addresses inside the walls of the church. We are bridging the gap between Christian immaturity and Christian maturity. For this reason the seal can be seen as steps to the Cross of Christ. The second part of our vision is outside the walls of the church. We are bridging the gap between Christ and the Community. Our vision is that Christ and the Church become the center of our community. For this second reason the seal also can be viewed as the Cross of Christ planted in the middle of the Summit, which is the community and neighborhoods around the church. Our desire at Rehoboth is to see individuals and families grow closer to God than ever before!


The Rehoboth Family &

Dr. Ivory T. Thigpen

Saved To Serve

Located in the growing Northeast Columbia, Rehoboth is a church that you can call home. From our friendly fellowship, our wonderful worship, and our magnificent mission, we walk by the Holy Spirit, call on Jesus, and trust in God. We believe that every person and family needs a place to worship where they feel welcomed, appreciated, and connected. Being connected to God first and foremost but also connected to a community of believers and connected to the community at large.

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