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“Women United for the Cause of Christ’

1 Corinthians 12:12

Sisterhood  Ministry


The Sisterhood is a network of women coming together for the sole purpose of bonding in Christian love and unity as we become the best women we can  - - - all for the Glory of Christ Jesus.


For 2 hours each month, we are freed from being missionaries, ushers, choir members, wives and mothers.  We wear one hat - - - Women of God.  We lock the world out and concentrate on Him.


We are there to learn God’s Word together, pray together, laugh together and cry together  - - - both tears of joy and sorrow.  We are here for each other.  We will be our sister’s keepers.


And at the end of the 2 hours when we return to our other roles, we can leave with the assurance that we are better prepared women for the missionary, the usher board and the choir, as well as better wives, mothers, daughters and sisters.




To draw closer to God as we draw closer to each other.

Learning more about God by studying his Word.

Binding to each other in Christian love and unity

Reaching out to other women to show the goodness of God.



The purpose of this ministry is to build up the kingdom of God as we build up the women of God.  We are not bound by the obligations of other ministries, allowing us to focus our minds on God and ourselves.


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