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Pastor’s Aide Ministry


Purpose: The purpose of the Pastor’s Aide Ministry is to lovingly serve our Pastor and first family through prayers, planning, encouraging words/deeds, and financial support. Understanding how he humbles himself in serving God and denies himself in giving preference to others, our ministry is ultimately to edify our shepherd which God has placed over our church.


Mission: To lift the Pastor up in prayer, to plan events of appreciation, to show sympathy for the burden he carries and lighten it as much as possible.  We seek to support all his efforts and all his acts of leadership and care for our church membership (sermons, visitation, counseling, decisions, and etc.). We will support the Pastor by teaching others to reframe from gossip, and not criticize the one who ministers to our souls.


Function: The ministry is to aid and assist the Pastor in whatever needs that he defines.  We attend to the furnishing of the Pulpit on Sunday and attend to any of his other daily needs throughout the remainder of the week. We support the Pastor by organizing a following and attending other churches when he is the visiting preacher. We schedule the transportation and make all visiting pastors/preachers comfortable by providing small tokens of appreciation and attending to their needs while they are under our church care. We also support the Pastor financially through organized church wide efforts or personal efforts, but ultimately whenever and whatever the Pastor needs, the Pastor’s Aide Ministry is available.

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