Hospitality Ministry


1 Peter 4:9  offer hospitality to one another without grudging.



The mission of the Hospitality Ministry is to ensure that everyone who arrives for our worship service receive a friendly welcome as they join us for Worship.  To serve our church family and friends in love from the heart, cheerfully and respectfully.


Duties & Responsibilities


• Ensure the welcome packets are assembled and ready for distribution on Sunday morning

• Welcome visitors on Sunday morning

• Plan new members’ receptions

• Be at the front door to greet all God’s people with generosity $ friendship as they enter to serve God

• Be ready to serve during church functions, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner

• Provide assistance to families during bereavement & receptions in association with funerals


To become a member of this great ministry, all you need is willingness to serve God’s people with a warm and cheerful smile